Patch Help!

I need big help. I bought my organelle, a few days ago and i‘m really pleased with it. The analog style sounds great, but what i love the most is the sound the last few knobs make in „beats & pieces“ mode. I‘m absolutely addicted to that kind of sound. So here‘s my question. Is there any patch which sounds like that? Does anyone know a similar patch?!
Would be great to hear. Need it for my Home-Recordings. I don‘t know how to search for a patch like that, cause i don‘t know what this organ/synth sound is called.

The 3rd and 4th knobs in that patch control a delay and feedback effect. You’ll be glad to hear C&G just released a cool delay effect that has an LFO on it.

Thanks for the response!
But i‘m searching for a patch that sounds like the last knobs. It‘s kind of electronic-organ sound with a lot of reverb and dark shimmer.

I don’t know what that means. Do you mean keys? The last knob on right is just volume, knobs 3 and 4 control delay time and feedback.

Search for ‘Glass FM’ and ‘Roganelle’. Theyre decent polyphonic patches capable of nice organ sounds, if memory serves.

Yeah. Keys. Sorry, my fault^^
Ok. Thanks. I will check that out.

@SySaundh, the sounds you like in the Beats & Pieces patch are samples (.WAVs) we made expressly for that patch. You could modify them and make 24 versions (one for each key). More info here: