patches that are too big for patch storage
experimental and whatnot

emphasized text

…and I thought you created ‘only’ five new patches over the weekend … :slight_smile: This one is ace too!

Really nice! Have you seen my PM @shreeswifty ?

Where are the drum loops from in this one patrick?

i have several terrabytes of drum one-shots i am finally getting to use hahaha


About to go up is
bootlegOrganelle #2: Textures: My (continuing) Squelchy Life.
featuring soundscapes by Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno
experimental Oblique Strategies menu Work in Progress!

knob1 screws up the speed
first two playing buttons and knob2 ruin everything

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Holy cr@p Patrick, this is deep!
Feedback: knob 2 seems to be in charge of volume and ruining things, knob 1 and buttons 1-2 do what you say they do.
Question: will this patch work with a different set of soundscapes or is it tailored to those in the Audio folder? Thanks!

hehe. You could…but then that would ruin it.
I just figured out how to fix the menus non-menus/oblique strategies.
this was a test of a random file selector jooga, you can put whatever you want in there of course it’s pd!

i am also going to do a “BIG BUDDAH” box with a better/R menu thing [sayings of Confucius and fm3 soundscapes…

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