Bug with a few patches (bob~ and wav folder)

Hey together!
I am new to the organelle and this group. Already love both! I have one problem. I just uploaded a few patches. All went good. Expect 4 Patches (AmbientFx and CoolWave for example)…
Everytime the same problem: When I unzip the patch it’s not possible to open the folder where I unziped the patch on the organelle. The patch directly starts. The patch by its own works properly but I cant put other stuff in the folder.

And all these patches have a „bob~„ and a „wav“ folder on the patch manager but not their „own“ folder. Really confuses me. Thanks in advance and sorry for my English and sorry if it was asked before but couldn’t find any related topic

Some user created patches aren’t zipped correctly.

So when you expand them they put their contents into the general folder rather than creating their own sub-folder.

When this happens I create a new folder with the patch name then move all the files it created in there.

Organelle auto runs main.pd files in any folder which contains one. So if a main.pd file is created in your patch directory it will autorun and you won’t see the other patches.

Have I understood the situation?

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Thanks @Syntheist !

This thread on the same topic has some further details about how the Organelle reads the contents of a patch folder:

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Thanks a lot!