Importing Patches problem

I just imported some patches via wifi to my Organelle M and after unzipping them on the Organelle, a patch that was placed in Effects and one placed in Synthesizers seem to have blocked viewing of the other patches in those folders. When I open the effect folder, I get this:


and when I open the synthesizer folder, I get this:


I’m not sure what is happening. The last time I uploaded patches, it worked fine.

I also can’t figure out which 2 patches these screenshots are from, in case I need to delete them.

The last patches you installed/unzipped in those directories extracted their files to the parent directory.

What should happen: should contain somepatch/files, so that patches/ extracts as patches/somepatch/files.

What happened: only contained the files and extracted as patches/files, right alongside all your working patch directories.

It’s an easy fix. Use the web patch manager or your computer to move any loose files in patches/ into a new somepatch directory. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

What patches are these? Yes, it looks like they were not zipped correctly, so when you unzipped they didn’t create the containing patch folder. might want to let the author of these patches know about it.

There are quite few loose files in the effects and synthesizer folders. Not sure what the go to.
Hereare the patches I uploaded just before this problem happened,


Thanks. Are you saying I can make a folder named anything and drag all the loose files into it and it should fix the problem?

Maybe I won’t try uploading so many files at once, though they were zip files at that point.

It should be fine to upload many files. but, yeah you might want to unzip and check them one at a time… probably one of those zipped patches is messed up. can you send a pic of the folder with all the loose files? (we might be able to tell what patch it is)

yes you should be able to move those files to a new folder called whatever you want, and then that would be the patch. Generally a folder that contains other patches (e.g. Synthesizers or Effects) should only contain folders (of patches or more sub folders), if there are files, there is probably something gone wrong

Yup, you can name the directory anything you like. :slight_smile:

This is a pic of the loose files in the synthesizer folder:

This is a pic of the files in the effects folder:

Here is a list of the patch folders under synthesizer. (it’s a lot and I have no idea what the folders with #s are).

1 Folder, 10 Folder, 17 Folder, 18 Folder, 2 Folder, 9 Folder, Additive Synth Folder, Analog Style Folder, Aquarius 4 Folder, Arp-II (AARRPP) Folder, Arp-III (AAARRRPPP) Folder, Arpeggio Synth Folder, Basic Poly Folder, brds Folder, CA Additive Folder, Chords Roll Folder, CZZ-Multi Folder, Drone 1 Folder, Dropper Folder, Drummy Folder, DUST_v1 Folder, FunFX Folder, Genny 1 Folder, KS Strings Folder, LFOmlog Folder, lmnts Folder, Midi File Synth Folder, Nice Surprises Folder, Nice Surprises Poly Folder, Partial Party Folder, PLUNK Folder, primordial_empire Folder, Punchy Folder, Rampi Folder, Randomlog Folder, Rhodey Folder, rngs_ensemble Folder, rngs_reverb Folder, Sine Surprises Folder, Steppy Delay Folder, Stereo Rhythmicon Folder, Thery Scary Folder, Tuned Delay Folder, Waterfall Down Folder, Waterfall Up Folder, wrps Folder, Zone

Here are the patch folders inside the effects folder (not nearly as many).


I ended up deleting all those loose files and checked the patches and everything seems ok for now. I’m having issues with the output levels on a bunch of effects but I’ll start a new thread for that. Thanks peoples.

I gave it another try and found 2 patches that unzip all the parts in the folder the zip files resides in instead of creating a new folder for the patch. Maybe this is an Organelle M issue or a programming issue? I tried unzipping the patches on the Organelle and through the web interface. Same problem both times. The patches were SpectralDelay and SampleStretch. Maybe someone else on an M can try it and sees what happens?

I took a look at the SampleStretch patch, and it is zipped without a containing folder. So it should be repackaged with a containing folder, then this problem goes away.

I noticed when unzipping on my mac by double clicking, it will create a containing folder with the same name as the zip, so this might be adding to the confusion. (I verified this by creating a zip of just files, and indeed the mac will create a folder when you double click, but not when you run the unzip command. I’m not sure the behavior with windows, but patch authors should double check their zip is a zipped folder and not just files)


this is the same on the Organelle-1 too…

I guess it’s just that ‘in the old days’ people used to expand the zip on their desktop, which tends to create a folder, and then move it to the organelle usb drive.

note: you can create a folder using the patch manager, then if you put the zip in that folder and unzip it, it will be contained in there. (same if you ‘install’ it on the organelle menu)

anyway, hopefully all patch developers can remember to zip the directory.

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