Not possible to "quit" a patchstorage patch

Hi there.
I have downloaded some patches from Organelle Archives | Patchstorage and upload them on a dedicated folder named “PATCHSTOR” on the Organelle M. With some of these patches, as a typical exemple, after installing it, I can use it but not able to quit it selecting another “PATCHSTOR” patch. If I select an original patch from C&B witch are in the original location, it works, I can use it, but when I try to go back to the “PATCHSTOR” folder, it’s like I can only select the folder itself (I’m unable to select anything inside) and the last opened patch is still there ready to go. Impossible to quit it.
The only way I found, is to delete the patchstorage folder and upload it again, without the “corrupted” patch.
Is anybody have this kind of issue ? Or a solution to avoid this delete/upload operation ?
Thanks !

PS : OS 4.0 — orac installed

Can you post a screenshot of the contents of your PATCHSTOR folder?

Hi Chrisk.
Thanks for your attention.
Here is this BIG list.

(Hope this pict is viewable)
Let me know if there is a Gremlins down here.

Thanks for the image. It looks like a patch was unzipped into the PATCHSTOR folder without an enclosing folder. You can see files like main.pd, voice.pd, License.txt, and maybe a folder (wavs ?) in this list. These files/folder(s) need to be in their own folder.

As the files are now, the Organelle thinks that PATCHSTOR is a patch because there is a main.pd file at the root level of the PATCHSTOR folder. If you put all of these loose files in a new folder (like BinauralBeatz is organized), and reload, the issue should go away. There is more about the required folder structure in Chapter 4.1 of the Organelle manual.

There are a couple patches on Patch Storage that are zipped without an enclosing folder so they cause this problem. This issue could have also been caused by unzipping on your computer and uploading just the files directly into the PATCHSTOR folder (without enclosing folder).


I was yesterday reading this chapter.
Thinking ONLY about the C&B patches.
Thanks to have unlock my brain and to give me new horizons :
“zipped files without an enclosing folder” was the problem.

Ambient FX

Folder created

No problem now