Build a looper patch with FX // too much for the Organelle?

Sorry in advance if this question is too general (and/or too stupid). I don’t own an Organelle yet. I’m using Ableton Live for this particular thing, but would love lose the computer. But I don’t know if the Organelle is powerful enough. I would love to build a “degrading” stereo looper patch with some FX built in. So that would mean a looper, probably two “tape” delays (delays with some mods and saturation in the chain) and 1-2 reverbs. Probably also one or two saturators and some LFO:s controlling pitch to emulate tape wobble. Everything in stereo.

Anyone knows if this would be possible or is it too much for the Organelle?

Thanks in advance,


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Sounds to me like it’s possible, I think you could even get close to building this with orac just using existing modules.

You can do some pretty complex things before you hit the processing limits of the organelle m.

Just make sure you get the m version rather than the original.

I have made a patch (s3rquencer) in which you can have multiple instances of sound on sound clickless loopers (each with independent lenght) with insert Fx, send Fx and global Fx:

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Thanks! I’ll give this a try!

Impressive! Thanks!

And one more question… Memory is not an issue? I want to be able to record at least 30-40 seconds - a few layers.

As long as you have free ram memory it should be possible.
by default in S3rquencer the current maximum recording length (per channel) is 8 bars (at whatever bpm has been specified.). with no much effort, that number, as well as the maximum length of the table “buffer” can be changed.
Also, the maximum loop lenght per channel depends on how many sampler objects you want to have in the “main.pd” s3rquencer template because every sampler object allocates and “reserves” memory space and currently 2x because of the “optional” stereo sample playback.

@Servandob’s s3rquencer is super cool!

If you are looking for another option, we (C&G) made a degrading (if you want it to) looper called Deterior:

More here.

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That looks amazing and is more or less exactly what I want to create (but with different effects). Would it be possible (for the CPU) to add a reverb and two “tape” delays to this patch? And record in stereo for around 30 seconds?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, the Organelle could handle those options. The patch would require some UI adjustments so you could control the delay time & feedback and reverb parameters.

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