Question re: Long Sampler patch on Organelle

Hello, I’ve had my organelle for a while now and really just barely qualify as a caveman on it. I haven’t learned pure data yet. I’m a bass player so my needs are relatively simple :wink:

I’m looking for a patch that can play long samples. I’m thinking one pre-recorded sample (wav file or whichever audio format works best for the medium) per key. It would be a bonus if the knobs would then be delay controls (or I can just put a DD5 after the organelle). And it would be a double bonus if I were able to record the samples live via the aux button or something. The idea of delay controls and live recording are just extras and the thing I’m really looking to be able to do is trigger/play a bunch of different long preloaded samples with the organelle.

I tried searching and couldn’t find a patch that does this. Please let me know if it already exists somewhere or if someone knows how to make it happen.

I think this is a simple patch idea but I could be wrong.

Thanks for any information or help!!

This is what you are looking for, but without recording:

You could combine it with the official recorder patch:

It could be great project to get some understanding of pure data.
Let me know if you need some help!

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