C & G Midi controller for the Organelle

I just installed the new os3 and I had issues when I tried connecting two different MIDI controllers.

I’m using an Axiom61 and a Nanopad2, both connected thru a usb hub.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

ok, now i admit, im confusing myself…
… perhaps i did look at this, anyway, today is another day, so i will need to reinvestigate.

with the current aconnect line in midi config, you could either select
1 in - 1 out, or 2 in - 0 out, 0 in - 2 out.

anyway, i need to dig a bit more, to see why i said the above :wink:

this post is valid for releases prior to 3.1 (beta) , but it all changes from 3.1

if you have more advanced midi needs, including multiple controller support, Id recommend [upgrading to 3.1]

and then reading my post on 'how to setup advanced midi", which includes a video on how to go beyond basic midi support.

ok, so had a look at what Id done for OS 3.0…

so really there are two areas here
a) Alsa support
b) Extended PD options, which allows more control over PD midi

alsa support

this was added, to support devices which have multiple input ports (usb) which you are unable to address via OSS-midi (the default for pd) , also because alsa is generally a bit more robust.
you can enable this in midi-config.txt , with

usealsa 1;
alsaconfig 28:1 128:0 128:1 28:1;

where the numbers for alsaconfig are two pairs of input and output ,
in this example 28:1->128:0 , 128:1->28:1
you can use this for either 1 in , 1 out, or 2 in -0 out, 0 in -2 out.

I planned to generalise this to N pairs, but as no one pushed it on the beta (and I didnt need it) , it never got done… :frowning: (good reason for users to get involved in the betas if they need something :wink: )

… I could actually address this in a small update, as it basically only needs a change to a script to make this work.

extended pd options

also in OS 3.0 I allow you to specify Pure data command line options, at either a system or patch level,
to do this you create a pd-opts.txt file, and add the command line options.
now, this allows you to add multiple midi devices (and is what I had in mind, when posting before) , however it has a couple of limitations… (thats PD for you :wink: )

first, it only works for OSS devices, for some reason in PD ‘ultimate wisdom’ they didn’t implement it for ALSA.
second, it puts additional midi devices on different midi channels… ie… device 1 = channel 1-16, device 2 = channel 17-32 … this is a bit of a pain, since organelle does not support omni directly from mother host.
(this can all be worked around, with a bit of patching… but its not ‘seamless’)
to do this you need to use the options -midiindev (etc)
e.g. pd-opts.txt

-ossmidi -midiindev 1,2

this will force pd to use ossmidi, and have the first 2 devices as input (you can list as many as you like)

the future

what I do not like is that PD doesn’t support alsa properly, and also its a bit painful for users to discover what their devices are called… so it would be nice to improve this.

the issue was… that doing this from a shell script, was going to be painful…
however, just before the 3.0 release, Owen added some python support for the display (which he used for the wifi) , and I added support for general python launching for utilties … this means we can now create a much more sophisticated midi configuration tool.

so I need to discuss with Owen, but probably what id want to do is, make a small change to 3.0 that will turn the current ‘alsa and midi config’ into something more generalised, that I can then create a tool to cover more use-cases…

(another alternative, may be to consider using jack midi routing, but I need to investigate what that buys us, particular with PDs rather sketchy implementation ;))


I used this sentence in the MIDI-Config.txt file and it is always 1 in 1 out. I already tried with 4 different controllers.

Hahaha true that! Me bad hombre :smile:
Thanks man, and happy holidays :christmas_tree:

if you want 2 in , 0 out
then it’ll be something like
alsaconfig 28:0 128:0 28:1 128:0

I tried that but didn’t work

Ok this will probably be because you 2nd controller has a different id . Run my diagnostics patch and post results.

diag_log.txt.zip (4.1 KB)

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ok, my 3.1 beta should allow for multiple controller using alsa
Id appreciate if you test it ‘normally’ first, then once all is ok, I will explain how to configure for multiple devices.


important note: as from this beta 3.1, MIDI-Config.txt is no longer used/needed.

btw: for reference when we get there, the important details are, remind me at that time :slight_smile:

28:0 nanoKONTROL Studio nanoKONTROL Studio MIDI 1
32:0 nanoPAD2 nanoPAD2 MIDI 1

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Thanks Technobear, 3.1beta going smooth :dark_sunglasses:

I’ll wait for that explanation when you got the chance, of course.

Kudos :+1:

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Oh, I’m in line also :wink: @thetechnobear
(combine more then one USB input controller)

@chkbeto Good news! Check here
How to : Advanced Midi Setup (3.1)

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Thanks man :hammer:

What?! That’s awesome!! I’m apparently way behind on Axoloti news these days… Thanks for the catch up!

I don think you should expect it to arrive anytime soon. But I could be wrong…

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i’m good at holding my breath! been holding it for Op-Z about a year now. …a bit blue in the face, but I think i’ll make it!

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I think a class compliant Critter & Guitari MIDI controller with 16 knobs and 16 buttons, some or all that can also work as toggles (with status LEDs) would be awesome.

I’m genuinely not understanding - I haven’t actually tried hooking this up myself, but wouldn’t this be the exact specs of the MIDI Fighter Twister controller? 4x4 push encoders = 16 knobs and 16 buttons, and there are multi-colored rings as status LEDS. Is there something stopping anyone from this as a solution?

EDIT - oh, this thread is years old, not from this morning like I thought. that might make a difference…

Yes I had started it when the Organelle was unable to use more than one midi controller. Now it can. :slight_smile: The other idea was to have an accessory that can be directly addressed from inside Pure Data, like the knobs on the organelle.

The MIDI Fighter Twister is almost a good controller, but personally, I would like separate buttons, not only clickable rotaries.