Can I use a Pocket Piano arpeggiator mode to control my DAW / VSTs?

Im going to buy a pocket Piano this days.

Just want to know if i can do this:

Connect Pocket piano to midi interface, then open DAW (Ableton)

What i want is to use the arpeggiator from the pocket piano, in Vsts that i have installed in ableton.


You’d have to buy the midi version but I think it should work…?

Yes, im going to buy midi version, just want to know if i can do this…???

For example: i would like to control juno VST with pocket piano…

Thanks guys

Thanks for your interest in the Pocket Piano!

Yes, you can send arpeggiated notes from the Pocket Piano MIDI to an external device/computer/etc.

If the Juno VST can utilize incoming MIDI notes, you should be fine!

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