Pocket Piano midi out won't work with Volcas?

Hey y’all. I’m trying to use my pocket piano midi to control my volca keys but am finding that it won’t send any notes from the midi out. It wont work with my volca bass either. I’m definitely on the right midi channel. I am able to send notes to my Yamaha QY 70 and the midi in works great. I’d love to be able to send those arpeggiated pocket piano notes to my volca keys. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

So it works sending notes to the QY 70? have you tried sending notes to the volca using a different keyboard or controller?

Yes, it does send notes to the qy and I can play both volcas with the qy or other midi keyboards. I’ve tried a few different cables as well and different channels with no luck.

It should work:

The Pocket Piano only sends MIDI on CH1.

Does the QY have MIDI Thru? Could send it PP–> QY --> Volca?

Hmmm nice video, I didn’t realize I could only send on channel 1 and was trying 2,34 etc because my drum machine is one, thanks!