Pocket Piano 2 arpeggiator question

Hi there, new forum user here and recently upgraded from the PP 1 to PP 2. So I had my PP 2 clocked from my DAW yesterday in a session so I could use the arpeggiator on a song, and I noticed that I couldn’t change the arp subdivision with the Tempo knob (like on the PP 1). Is this normal? I loved being able to try different subdivisions on the fly and it would kinda suck if you can’t do that anymore…


This is normal behavior… the tempo knob currently has no effect when clocked externally. The issue is the new design delegates subdividing the beat to the pattern modules to allow different pattern modules to use the clock as they want… but maybe we want the default behavior to be like the original PP, since most pattern modules are just playing sixteenth notes anyway.

Ah ok I figured it was a feature (or lack thereof) of the 201. What a bummer! I loved that feature on the old PP. So would there be a way to clock different subdivisions from your DAW? Sorry, I’m a very uneducated midi user….

Hey Critter and Guitari can you fix this and allow the tempo knob to control subdivisions in the patterns when clocked externally? Software update? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the replay oweno!

i second this request :wink:

@dandelionhead Have you tried creating your own patterns for the 201?

i haven’t! thanks!