Can Organelle simultaneously host a usb-midi device in each usb port?

I found some indication from old posts, last year I believe, indicating that the Organelle was not ‘meant’ to be used with two usb midi devices at the same time, unless you ‘unofficially’ went and tinkered with some deeply rooted PD config files

I’m just curious is this officially supported yet ? if not, will it be ? if it is destined to remain an ‘unofficial’ type of hack, will it cause any performance issues that you might foresee ? if it is destined to remain an ‘unofficial’ type of hack - why ? : )

Pd can utilize multiple MIDI interfaces. On the Organelle it is configured to use the first one for both input and output. You can change this, but it entails connecting a monitor and firing up a patch so you can access the Pd GUI. In other words there is no way to change MIDI device selection from the hardware on the Organelle itself, which is why we say it isn’t really officially supported.

Hi oweno, thanks for the reply…
I’m slightly confused however… the 3rd and 4th sentences seem to contradict each other.

So, from the 3rd sentence what I am understanding is that to make sure the Organelle will recognise multiple MIDI interfaces I will need to configure it - but the only way to configure it for this purpose is by connecting a monitor and doing it directly on the Organelle ?
(There’s no way of simply editing a file on my laptop, and installing that over he existing file on the Organelle ?)

From the 4th sentence however, I’m completely confused…

sorry! The 1st sentence is very promising, I just got a bit dense from that point on, hehe

Haha, reading back I see that it is confusing, sorry. The Organelle and Pd will recognize multiple interfaces plugged in, but it will pick the first one and ignore the others. The only way to select other ones is through the Pd GUI, so you have to connect a monitor to make this change.

ok Oweno. I see.

and after that change is made, it is made at some kind of root level so that I won’t have to keep doing it ? i can run any patch, have one usb-midi device one day, two the next…

or will I need to reconfigure each time for a new patch, or some differing amount of usb-midi devices connected ?