Multiple MIDI input/output

I’m wondering what’s the latest with using multiple MIDI controllers with the Organelle. Has someone found a way of doing this? I’d really love to attach a MIDI interface AND a USB MIDI controller simultaneously. The Organelle has become the center of my performance rig and it needs to be put under stricter control :)))


this should now be possible with my beta (since b11) by using the new pdopts file.
in this you can specify pure data command line options which include :
-midiindev and -midioutdev
( should be possible with both ‘raw’ midi and alsa midi)

see: pure data command line for more details

ps. as far as I understand, the way PD represents thisin the patch is as a set of channels e.g. channel 1-16 = device 1, channel 17-23 = device 2 etc.

(hmm, good point, means on my new system, I should add midi channel to midi learn :wink: )

sorry, busy with other development at the moment, so don’t have time to get more specific examples, but hopefully this should give enough clues to get you up n running.


Thanks for the reply. I’d rather have a solution that’s officially supported by C&G. I perform with the Organelle quite often (actually it’s my main instrument for many projects now), and cannot risk switching to an unofficial beta OS. And I am not very good at doing things using a command line.

@oweno, any tips?

these changes will be in the next official release, so guess you can use then.

As for other solutions, without using the improvements I’ve made , your only choices are:

  • make root file system rewritable , launch PD and setup from there
  • use a midi merge solution.

That is right, currently these are the only solutions. The stuff @thetechnobear mentions is going to be present in the next OS release, but will still require editing the pdopts file by hand. Eventually we might have a System command to make the configuration.

Do you do patching on the Organelle (with monitor attached?), you could try getting it working through Pd in MIDI settings and if you can make it work, then save the settings (after making /root readable). The issue here is that you will then have to have things connected the same way every time. (i.e. if Pd is expecting 2 devices and only 1 is plugged in, what happens?)

Im not quite sure, why you think my betas are higher risk :wink:

anyway, what I would suggest for anyone using organelle for Live is to have 2 (or more) SD cards.

one card is strictly for live/performance, and the other is the one you use for installing new software/patches etc, only when its proven do you copy that over to the live sd card.
(its trivial to copy images between SD cards)

Id say this is (or should be) normal practice for anything where you are regularly updating its ‘firmware’ e.g even without installing the beta OS, installing other software on your organelle has a small risk of damaging your live setup.

Because it’s beta. As I said, I use the Organelle on many projects and cannot risk running beta software on it. I am not a beta tester. But if you mean I can install your OS on a separate SD card and try that in the studio, then I could go for that. I am not a technically savvy person. I don’t get most of the lingo used here. The last time I have really used the command line was when I programmed on the Commodore 64 in 1986 :))))

THanks for the tip on the SD card.

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Hi…you can make every track in Live ‘listen’ to a specific controller. You can do this by setting a track’s midi input to the desired controller.Another option would be to set different midi channels like you already suggested. You will probably have to set the midi channel on each controller. Are there any options on your controllers to set the midi channels? Usually there is a ‘global’ midi setting where you can change the output to a specific midi channel. Once you’ve done that, select the desired midi channel for each track inside Live.

pcb assembly

the last few comments have nothing to do with Ableton Live. It’s about playing live :))) technobear wrote “Live” with capital L, and that confused you I guess.

I was wondering whether it is now possible with the latest os to connect two midi devices to the organelle and if so how would i configure them in the system menu?