USB to USB midi interface

Is there a small USB to USB midi interface? Would be a great way to use the organelle as a midi controller and also to send midi from a daw into patches on the organelle.

I guess I could solder together two din to USB interfaces but if there is a small cable like interface allready that would be great!

Ive wondered myself about this a few times…

its a bit tricky, because what you need is a ‘thing’ which acts as a usb device to 2 hosts.
I think the iConnect midi range does this (iConnectMidi2)

you could also build something cheap and small using something like two arduino unos (6 euro each), and then connect them together via uart… they’d be bus powered, and you’d then just use two normal usb cables to connect to the computer and organelle. probably be quite a neat solution.

Yeah. I’ve been thinking about just solidering two of these together

or just get a couple of midi couplers… then you can still use as midi din converters if required.

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