Can "Solo" To Headphone Jack (ORAC)?

Hiya! Looking at Organelle-M to be a most-of-my-things box, watch Youtube, control my home automation, you know.

So, I was looking at making an-inspired-by rig with ORAC out of it…and a DJ type thing I want to do with an OM plugged into perhaps a LPD8, or a 60knobs, is divert the audio output of either a line of modules or a module, via somehow in PD, when a knob out there in MIDI land is turned.

How it would work if it could work:

  1. Synth stuff is going out L and R
  2. a knob on a controller turns past 50%, and something in PD changes…
  3. …the output of that module/ORAC position/ORAC Chain goes from L/R to Headphone jack
  4. I find my settings, getting ready for transition, duck volume down
  5. twist knob back, bringing audio back to L/R
  6. Cool tunes flow outward!

Is headphones-jack totally hardware connected to L/R? Is it something horrific like a physical interrupter in the headphone jack hardware?

Organelle Oggling in Oklahoma City

p.s. The Organelle in any guise is a monster amazing hack! Good job! ORAC triples its usefulness! Good job!

I don’t think this is exactly possible… There are only 2 channels of audio going to the audio hardware, so headphone and line out will always be the same (permanently connected, although you can adjust levels of each output individually). best you could do is devote one channel to preview and one channel to live, and play your DJ set in mono… or use an external USB audio interface with more channels.

Ok, wait a second: I can add another audio output device? Wow, like Johnny Depp said “Pirate” I guess we get to say “Linux machine”…wow!

This post seems to be a super amazing (and linux-y programmer/sysad person type) answer:

Wow! Getting kinda GAS in the brain feeling! Wow! Thanks much!

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