Organelle as an all-in-1live performance device

hey! I’ve neglected my organelle for the last few months and on reaching for it again, I wondered if I might use it as an alternative to my laptop setup for doing live gigs. Is anyone else got a neat workflow or useful patches for doing this? I know there’s obviously lots of dfferent styles of performance. For me, I sing and play guitar, so was thinking of maybe a backing track/looping device. I’ve done similar with my op1 before, pre building tape loops I can move between and essentially jam over.
It would be ace to have a way to just sling an organelle and mic in my bag though to create a super portable rig for playing out. I’m just wondering how I might approach playing different songs I guess?!

What do you guys do?

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I think you’ll want to check out orac, if you haven’t.
This will likely allow you the most options in crafting loops, drum beats, being able to trigger samples etc.
Also consider using a korg nanocontrol and using orac’s midi-learn to map the knobs and faders to different parameters. This in combination with guitar will allow you a ton of options and flexibility :slight_smile:
I’ve done a whole set before with just the organelle, an external keyboard (qunexus) and the nanokontrol. Was a lot of fun.

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Cool, yes Orac is definately on my radar for this, I guess I’m not sure how I might set it up yet. And yes good shout, I have a Keith McMillan softstep which would be ace to connect up too! :slight_smile:

Hi Karl, for me the key has been Jeraphy. Here’s how I use it.
1: Create a copy of the Jeraphy patch using the organelles own interface.
2: Connect to organelle with laptop via wifi (info elsewhere on how to do that; very easy. Just buy a little usb dongle)
3: Rename “Jeraphy Copy” as e.g. “Karlsgreatsong1”
4: rename the perfectly edited loops you’ve prepared as WAV’s for your song to 1.WAV and etc (you’ll see the format that is needed for naming in the Jeraphy “sounds” folder
5: Since my loops are all in sync with each other, I use Jeraphy without the “sync” option enabled, which so far I have not mastered. So I just trigger each loop in real time. I press an organelle key to start it, and then again to end it. What’s fun is I can for example trigger the kick drum with the first key, layer in the shaker with the second key, and a bassline with the third key. I’ve also set this up with softstep and it worked great. Since I don’t have any kind of external sync, i do have to trigger the loops precisely; if i hit the key to early, i’ll have an early ass shaker. But that’s part of the fun of live performance in my opinion.