Is there an 'external effect send' Orac module? Is it possible?

I’m wondering if it would be possible to have an Orac module that sends audio out of the Organelle so it can be routed through a guitar pedal or other hardware effects, and then back into the Organelle to continue along the chain of modules in Orac.

Does this exist? If not, does it seem possible?

It seems like it might be tricky since the Organelle has only one stereo output, but I wonder if the left and right channels could be used in an unconventional way to make it work. For example, the right output could be used to send audio out through a pedal, which then goes back into the Organelle’s input and into the Orac chain. Finally, the output of Orac would go to the Organelle’s left channel (so the speaker/headphones would only output the left channel, just a mono output).

I think it could be fun to combine Orac with external effects that have their own unique sounds or aren’t recreatable as modules.

It can definitely be done…

You could also connect a USB audio interface with more I/O in place of the organelle’s

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Thanks, glad to know it’s possible!

I didn’t realize you could use an interface with it, but that’s good to know too. In that case, you’d be using the A/D converters in the interface and the Organelle’s would be bypassed? If it works like that, it seems like a good option if you have a need to record something super cleanly/with extremely low noise (assuming you have a good interface).