Can’t connect to Organelle’s AP


I’m having problems connecting to Organelle AP,
I’m getting an “incorrect password” message on the iPad. I’m using coolmusic for the password.
Wi fi works great connected to my studio router i can sync using Link and transfer files using the web server. Its only the AP functionality that is not working.
Im running 3.1 and did a clean install to use the SD card for patch storage. I have an Edimax Wifi dongle.

Thanks ,


Which chipset does your Edimax use?

Hi Chisk,

The chipset is Realtek RTL8188CUS.
I tried your change password suggestion but i get the following message on the terminal:
/root.scripts/" [New File]
I don’t know what to do next, i am new to Linux.

Other users have posted with problems using that RTL8188CUS chipset:

We recommend using USB-WiFi adapters with the RT5370 chipset

Thanks Chrisk will try to find a dongle with that chipset.

Hi Chrisk,
Bought this Wifi dongle :
Tenda W311MI.
its supposed to have the recommended chipset according to this
But still does not work, i get a Problem Connecting message on the Organelle.
Do i need to do something else?

I don’t know if that wikidevi site will always be correct. Sometimes manufacturers change chipsets or other aspects of the adapters without indicating they would be any different. The Tenda site doesn’t mention the chipset so it’s hard to say the RT5370 is in it.
This thread has many options for the correct adapter: ETC WiFi Adapter questions

Ok thanks will order one of those.