WiFi Adapter newbie crash course

Hi all, I’ve already flipped through tons of threads like this one, but as a newcomer to the Organelle and Raspberry Pi -adjacent stuff, any minute difference in the situation makes it hard for me to transfer the info over to my setup. I’m looking for help with the basics of setting up WiFi on my new Organelle M and would greatly appreciate any input you bona fide geniuses might have. Thanks in advance!

So here’s where I’m at so far, I’ll try to supply all the information I’ve got:

  • just bought a USB adapter with the Ralink 5370 chipset (LOTEKOO 150M-Mini-5370)
  • inserted, started AP mode, reads “Connected Organelle” but the “Stop AP” option reverts back to “Start AP” after a few seconds
  • no “Organelle” network appears on my Windows 10 PC
  • i’ve installed the RT5370 driver (from the Mediatek site) on my computer to be safe, still no change
  • nothing appears when I plug the adapter into the computer either
  • my router is 5GHz, not 2.4GHz, but i figure if I’m just starting out with the AP network it shouldn’t matter yet (right?)

Anyways, I’m at a loss for where to go from here. Please help if you can!


Welcome here with your organelle, you should check if the latest firmware (4.0) is already installed on it.

About the USB adapter, could be possible that it’s the main problem. First time i bought another Ralink 5370 than the one recommended by Critter & Guitari and it was not good, for some others works and some not all.

You don’t have to install drivers on your computer and once the AP mode is connected it should not reverts as you mentioned. You need to start the web server as well if you want to transfer patches between your organelle and computer.

Also normally you should not have to change anything with your router & your Organelle should detect & easily be detected on your wifi list on your computer.

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Yes, if you are using the AP method, you don’t need to worry about connecting to your WiFi.

You shouldn’t need to install any drivers on your computer, either.

To confirm, you are connecting the USB-WiFi adapter to the Organelle’s USB port, then selecting ‘Start AP’ from the Organelle menu and then joining your computer to the Organelle network?
More here: https://www.critterandguitari.com/manual?m=Organelle_M_Manual#51-using-ap-mode

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Thanks for the responses! I’ve updated to OS 4.0, and though some of the on-screen language has changed, the issue persists.

That is what I’m attempting to do, yes, but the “Organelle” network hasn’t shown up. On OS 4.0 when I start the AP, the header changes to “Connected AP Mode” for a brief moment before reverting back to “Not Connected”.

Unfortunately as @Mnml44 mentioned, sometimes a seller will list USB-WiFi as being a Ralink 5370 but in reality, it is something else. I think the next course of action is to try another adapter…