Cant access disk mode anymore!

So the USB cable included broke on me. My own fault really, but anywho i went out and bought a standard USB C cable, and it powers the device just fine, but now i cant access disk mode. I makes the weird beep sound that it usually does and then my computer does nothing.

Any advice?

Does your new USB cable transfer data? or is it only configured for charging/powering devices?

Ya know, i have no idea! But i realized i was pressing the “white” keys and not the “black” keys! Got it to work now!

Weird though, even when pressing and holding the wrong ones it was making that noise.

The combination of pressing the high E, F, G + Shift keys relaunches the 201’s main patch.

The combination of pressing the high C#, D#, F# + Shift keys turns Disk Mode on/off.

Damn how did i miss that! Thank you

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