USB-C Disk Mode Issue

I seem to be having issues getting into disk mode I have followed the outline in the manual and still its not connecting. Is anyone else having issues?

For reference I’m using a m1 MacBook pro and the USB c cable that was provided is plugged in to my computer via a dock.

Hi, Can you try the USB connection to your computer without the dock?

Hi i just removed the dock and have the cable plugged in directly to the computer and i still cannot get it into disk mode.

I had an issue the first time I tried on my Mac when I plugged the USB A side into the 201 and USB C into my Macbook Pro. When I plugged the USB C into the 201, and then used a little USB A to C adapter on my Macbook Pro and did the button combo (hold the right 3 sharp buttons, then press the Shift button), it popped right up.

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@four_corners thanks for the post. Yes - Disk Mode is only available via the 201’s USB-C port.

@steveme can you confirm that you have connected to the 201’s USB-C port?

While you definitely say " 1. Connect a USB cable from your computer’s USB-A port to the 201’s USB-C port." on the manual page, it might be worth putting a little parenthetical statement saying “the USB-A port on the 201 WILL NOT allow you to access Disk Mode”.

@four_corners - Great idea - done!

@chrisk what was the solution to the problem of not entering disk mode? I am also having a difficult time getting into disk mode with a brand new 201. I am unable to use the provided cable (MacBook Air with only USB-c port) but I do have a 240w/40gb/s data cable. will this suffice?

It appears that the user was trying to enter Disk Mode with the 201’s USB-A port connected to their computer. Disk Mode is not available from the USB-A port. Disk Mode is only available from the USB-C port.

Is this a USB-C to USB-C cable? It should work.


Yes the cable I am trying to use is one of those USB-c to thunderbolt and everything in between. Following the instructions from the website I am not getting any response on my computer. Would the led color pattern indicate that I am disk mode?

Can you post a link to the cable?

Thanks for the link. There isn’t a special LED color/pattern that will indicate Disk Mode is active. However there is a way to use the LEDs to check if Disk Mode has been started:

  1. Select a pattern or synth (or both) other than the first of the six so at least one of the pattern/synth LEDs are not purple.
  2. When you press and hold the high C# + D# + F# keys and then press Shift key to enter Disk Mode, the main patch is reloaded and so the LEDs go back to purple.

Awesome. That is super helpful. I’ll give it a go and get back to you.



Hey chris-

The pp201 is not entering disk mode. By holding the three most right sharp keys the leds bounceback to purple, but not by holding c,d and f then shift.


@kellybest - does your Macbook Air have an M1 or M2 chip?

M1 chip MacBook Air.

Thank you chris


Got it. Thanks.
Are you running macOS 13 Ventura on that computer? If so, it might be a USB-C permissions setting. Please see this article:

That is good to know about but I am still unable to enter disk mode on the pp201. Is it possible to enter disk mode with out Having any thing plugged into the usb-c or only when connected to a computer?

By the way the instrument is awesome as is and I’m looking forward to eventually grabbing a organelle m when they become available again

Also I appreciate your prompt communication

Hi @kellybest I just sent a DM