CC message Ableton

Hi everyone,

Im having a hard time synchronising correctly my ETC via CC message.
I run ableton to send CC message (21,22,23) to control the foreground via a midi cable.
My problem is that the ETC doesn’t respond fluidly to CC but only recognizes steps coming from the midi clip of Ableton.
I’m trying to draw a curve to make the foreground oscillate in time with ableton but ETC ignores movement when it is linear.
I can’t figure where it goes wrong.

Thank you

There are only 128 values in a MIDI CC, so if you are using that to control the horizontal position of something on the screen (which goes from 0 to 1280 pixels), each MIDI value will jump 10 pixels. These steps become noticeable when the movement is slow, and might be what you are seeing.

Hi, Thank you for your response. I hadn’t thought about the 128 MIDI values and you answered part of my problem.
My other issue is I think specific to ableton.
When I draw cc automation, linear automation is not recognized by the ETC. Here is a better illustration :

This does not work

And this one does work :

It might be an Ableton issue as I am using my Squarp Pyramid which is sending midi CC LFO’s to the ETC and is working well.

Oooh, what can you tell me about the squarp pyramid - looks amazing and been very very tempted myself. Discovered any issues or limitations with it?

Main issue for me is not being able to sync it with my modular / Rollz5 with an analog clock signal into the CV or Gate input.
Only can sync it with Midi (via an Expert Sleepers FH1) and currently when I stop the Rollz5 (which is acting as the master clock) and restart it the Pyramid doesn’t always restart, so I have to manually start it.
Quite a few people are asking Squarp to be able to use an analog clock signal to sync to be added, and the team at Squarp have been really good at listening to Users requests and then implementing them where possible, so hopefully this can be added in a future update.

Apart from that its a really great hardware sequencer and possibly the best option after the Circlon, or the new MPCX