CCquencer - Organelle Patch controls the ETC Video Synth


Like the Organelle, the ETC’s knobs may be overridden by incoming MIDI CC. We made the CCquencer Organelle patch to send sequences of CC messages to an ETC (or other device). Download the CCquencer patch here:

When pressed, each Organelle key sends out five CC values (CC 21, 22, 23, 24, 25) which correspond to the ETC’s parameter knobs as well as MIDI note 127 which toggles the Auto Clear function. To edit a key’s CC values, press and hold a key to enter the edit mode. Then adjust the four knobs and volume knob to set your desired CC values. Press the highest Organelle key to toggle the Auto Clear message.

Use the Aux button to record a sequence of Organelle key presses. As the sequence progresses, the Organelle sends out each key’s CC settings. Use the ‘Ramp’ knob (Knob 1) to control the glide time (portamento) between values.

Here’s a demo video. In it, the ETC is always receiving CCs from the Organelle. In most clips, the ETC is also responding to audio input:


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Here’s another way to send CC values to the ETC for external control & looping!
Thank you to Ziad Sarrouh for sharing this!