Sending MIDI CC Messages from Ableton to Organelle doesn't work

Hey guys,

hope someone can help me!

I’m using Ableton Live to send program Change Messages to my Organelle to switch the Patch per song. Now, I’ve tried to send CC Messages to have a fixed value when starting the patch, so I don’t need to edit on my own in Live situation. But, it doesn’t work.

When I’m drawing the MIDI Ctrl Value into Ableton, I can watch the Organelle changing the right Encoder. But when I start the Scene in Ableton the Change works and the MIDI CC doesn’t do anything, it just reflects the Encoders position.

Any help on this? Would be great!

Thanks in Advance! :slight_smile:

not quite sure I understand… as you are basically saying its working…

but you will need a clip, with the CC automation to send the cc value.
( I also think, Ableton will not send the CC if it thinks that the hardware is already at that value)

also, be aware that by default the organelle will send the knob values as cc,
so perhaps the issue is, this is interfering…

what id generally do , is use a midi monitor app on the pc/mac and look to see what midi is being sent, to determine if the issue is with Ableton or the Organelle.

i already have the clip, sending the ProgramChange and the CC Values on 21, 22, 23 and 24 for the Encoders.

So, its like this:

Ableton Scene Start: Organelle changes Patch but not the value of the encoders.

e.g. I have the Analog Style Patch in Favorites as the first Patch. I send PChange 1 to load the Analog Style Patch for the first song.

For the second song I send PChange 2 so the Organelle changes to Arpeggio Synth, but the values of the Arpeggio Synth are not the ones I set in Ableton on MIDI Ctrl Message. It just copies the position of the encoders on the Organelle.

Do you now understand what I mean?

Just set the Organelle to only receive MIDI. It´s not allowed to send.

ah could be a timing issue…

two possibilities, that could be related to this:
a) Ableton sending the cc’s so quickly, that the patch has not loaded yet.
the ‘solution’ to this, would be to put the CC a little time in from changing the patch.
(it should be noted, you cannot expect the patch to load ‘instantly’ , so this should be ok)

b) when you load a patch, the organelle ‘restores’ the knob positions from a ‘knobs.txt’ file…
perhaps try deleting the knobs.txt file in the patch directory

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Here are two possible solutions:

If the knob positions are supposed to be set beforehand, you can ‘save’ the patch (or use ‘save new’) with the knob values you want, and every time the patch loads, the knobs will be at those values regardless of their positions.

Another solution may be to quickly animate the value of the knob to change very subtly at the beginning of the clip, so that you ensure that the Organelle receives a CC message and resets the positions of the knobs. For example, if you want Knob1 to be at ‘100’, first send that knob ‘99’ and then have it change to ‘100’ immediately afterward. This may help with the timing issue that thetechnobear mentioned.

Some patches are designed to keep the parameter values fixed, regardless of the position of the knobs, until you turn the knob to that position. Only once you have reached the ‘frozen’ position will the Organelle start changing knob values. This is not the case with Analog Style, but you may encounter this phenomenon in other patches.


yeah, this is a good point … though im not sure they ‘lock’ when using CC ?
I know in Orac I explicitly allow midi learn to override any lock.
(reasoning is if you have a midi controller doing the control, you usually aren’t looking at the display, so trying to turn to the lock value is tricky)

if you do encounter this, you need to do cc value = 0 cc value = 127, cc value = start value, in quick succession, to ensure the value is unlocked.

(also hopefully if you delete the knobs.txt, then this will also prevent any lock, but depends on patch implementation )

Thanks for your help guys!

It worked for me to draw the MIDI-Values beginning at 0 to the value I wanted :slight_smile:

Well, I couldn’t find the knobs.txt but as I said it works now for me :slight_smile:

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take care with this then, if you do ‘save patch’, then one will appear, and so the start value is unlikely to be zero…

also, be aware you may find different patches behave differently…

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Yes, true… Simply mentioning this as something to be aware of. Thanks for your help!

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