Change Default CC values

Hi there, I would like to change the default CC values for the 4 knobs to something other than the factory default. Where can I do that?

I know next to nothing about the coding, but from the digging I’ve done I don’t know that you can do this within the API.

What do you have in mind, exactly?

Could a MIDI filter like Bome or Cantabile do the trick?

I don’t have an EYESY (only a ETC), but looking on the source code of EYESY I think it is in ./engines/python/ beginning with line 66:

for i in range(0, 5) :
    cc = midi_blob[16 + i]
    if cc != cc_last[i] :
        etc.cc_override_knob(i, float(cc) / 127)
        cc_last[i] = cc

As you see the base number is 16 and the following five numbers: 16 plus variable i, where i is counted from 0 up to 5.

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Thank you. I’m going to try to edit this.


I have an older stand-alone midi sequencer groovebox, which has fixed CC values. I was just curious if there was a way to change the default rx CC values on the Eyesy or if it had some kind of ‘midi learn’ functionality.

I haven’t been able to make the edit - though I was able to make some changes using midi filters. This said, I am working with a dev to create a standalone solution for my specific needs.