Question about MIDI Defaults

I’m trying to use an Organelle M as a midi controller, and reading the section of the manual on the default MIDI setup makes it sound like the four leftmost knobs and the aux button should all be sending out CC messages by default – but they aren’t sending anything (using Snoize MIDI Monitor to watch the bus).

I installed the Rusted Keys patch and if I go into that and select “CC Page” then it does send CC messages from the four knobs, but only on Channel 1, even if I’m set to a different channel (like Channel 3) in the Organelle system MIDI settings, and yet another channel (like Channel 6) in the Rusted Keys settings.

I bought this Organelle M used, but so far everything has worked fine… is there a config file that I might be missing? It says I’m on OS Version 4.1.

I haven’t had a chance to look at the code for Rusted Keys, but what you’re experiencing could be related to the note at the top of the manual section you linked to:

NOTE: As the Organelle is an open platform, it is possible for a patch to ignore these [default] MIDI settings and send and receive MIDI directly as it pleases. These are the settings by default, but if you are experiencing something different, please review any documentation about the patch you are running.

…So it could just be how that patch works now, but you could program the patch to suit your needs.

If you want to be sure your OS reflects the manual, you could always reflash the OS to get back to the ‘factory’ state. More info in the manual.

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Thanks for the reply Chris! Since it doesn’t seem to be working as the manual describes even aside from the RustedKeys patch, it seems like I should start by reflashing the OS to a clean 4.1 install and see if the knobs are sending MIDI after that. Will report back how it turns out.