Change password and or network name of Organelle

I really like that you can use the Organelle as access point. Really cool to do wireless connection without having to bring a router.

Is it possible to secure the network by changing the name and password of it =) ?
I don’t want people to hack my setup hehe!

edit ~/scripts/ (on the organelle)
you’ll see them in there, its obvious what to change :wink:
just bare in mind, when you upgrade (or do a reinstall) it will be ‘reset’

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Hi thetechnobear,
I’m new on the organelle and I don’t know where you can do this edit in it to have a look on the AP password?? I looked into the system settings in the Organelle but i didn’t find anything like what you wrote… Help! :wink:

There is not currently a system setting for changing AP password, it has to be done manually by editing the script. On the Organelle 1 this script is located at /root/scripts, on the Organelle M it is located at /home/music/fw_dir/scripts. Change ‘coolmusic’ to whatever you want the password to be.

Thanks Oweno!
My Organelle is the 1.
Is the file located in the USB key? I don’t find it, neither /root/scripts.
I’m really a beginner… :grimacing:

on the organelle-1 its


note, you will need to temporarily make the filesystem writeable with
then after editing set it to read only again, with