Lost AP Network Password

It would appear that my goldfish has changed the AP mode password and now can’t or won’t tell me what he changed it to.

Any ideas?

Which instrument are you using?

Thanks - organelle m

You can get back to the default AP settings in this manner:

  1. Download a copy of the default AP file: ap.txt.zip (494 Bytes). Unzip it. The AP network name is music and password: coolmusic
  2. Add the ap.txt file to the root directory of a USB drive
  3. Insert drive in Organelle M USB port
  4. Select Reload from Storage menu
  5. From WiFi Settings select both Start AP and Web Server
  6. Join your computer to the newly launched Music network and enter password.
  7. Using your browser, go to organellem.local or the IP address displayed in the Info page. You may need to launch a private/incognito browser window to avoid browser cache issues.
  8. Click Patch Manager and then SD Card
  9. Delete the ap.txt file there
  10. Upload the new ap.txt file you just unzipped.
  11. Shutdown, Remove USB drive from Organelle M.
  12. Reboot and restart the process from Step 5 to double check that the default AP credentials are the expected ones.
  13. Buy your goldfish its own Organelle M to avoid this inconvenience in the future.