AP connection issues


For awhile I was frequently using the organelle’s wifi connection to make system changes and edit patches via my laptop without issue. However awhile back I moved to a place with a new wifi setup so needed to reconfigure the wifi connection settings. When I tried to connect to the organelle via its AP connection I cant really get a connection. It appears to connect with the password coolmusic but then cant actually reach the web server page, it just times out. Im wondering how to go about solving this? It is possible the password is something else as it was used, how would I go about checking this? also wondering if its possible that the wifi adapter is flawed but that seems less likely as it is showing up as an option. any help is appreciated!

After starting the Organelle’s Access Point, did you select ‘Start Web Server’ in the WiFi menu? This is required if you would like to go to organelle.local or organellem.local .

yes, I did start the server

Got it.

This can be related to your computer browser’s cache. One option is to connect to organellem.local or the IP address (located in the Info page) in a private browser window.

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Didn’t really solve the problem directly, but I bought a usb keyboard and then was able to just change the wifi login information on the organelle. the server has been working fine now that the organelle is connected to the wifi