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Hi guys,

I’m a new Organelle S user here & I’ve been trying to connect Organelle to wifi (to use the File Manage to upload some patchesr) but can’t make it work. My Organelle wifi network seems to be password protected. Would appreciate some help!

Oh and yes I have a second-hand Organelle, there are already some AP networks saved in the Organnele, not sure how to delate or erase all the setting to default.


Probably best to to start with a fresh OS install. This will erase everything on the microSD card.
Instructions are here:

That’s great, couldn’t find a link. Thanks @chrisk

I’ve installed the new OS according to the manual but Organelle wifi network still requires a password to enter. Is there any default password? How can I connect or change the password? Any help would be gladly appreciated. I’m stuck…

It’s in Chapter 5 of the manual link I posted previously.

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Ok thank so much, this worked!