Change PD settings and other stuff with internal messages from within your Patch

Hi everyone,

I already talked about this in an other thread, but now that the Forum gave me the badge that allows me to upload stuff, I figured it might be useful to give this topic its own thread.

oweno suggested that there was a way to control PD’s settings from within a patch, using “internal messages”.

I’m a noob in PD, but as I could understand it, internal messages are messages that you can send to Pure Data from within a patch, and these messages can act on the program itself.

Unfortunately the documentation is pretty poor on this topic.
I found a way to make your own documentation, regarding the messages that can be sent to PD.

This is a tool that can be useful if you want to control PD’s settings and other stuff from within a patch, in non-GUI mode (for instance, turn DSP on/off, increase the latency, etc.).

I made a patch that explains it all, and attached it to this post.
[Tuto] PD internal messages.pd (1.3 KB)

You can change settings in PD on the Organelle, without screen, mouse and keyboard…

Hope some will find it interesting and useful.