Changing patches with MIDI Program Change

Today I was experimenting with connecting the Organelle with an iPad and other MIDI gear using an iConnectMIDI2+. It works!

It also resulted in a discovery: sending program changes to the Organelle changes between patches! This is of course very cool, BUT the organelle responds to all MIDI channels (Omni) and therefore cannot share the same MIDI pipeline with other gear. If you send program change to an Eventide H9, for example, that program change changes the patch on the Organelle too.

Owen, is there anyway of changing this behavior? Can you/we fix the Organlle’s global MIDI channel to a specific channel number?

Also, how does this program change feature work? Does it work alphabetically in the folder of patches? If we want to use this feature, should we order the PD patches in the order we want? (by adding numbers in front, I guess).


Program change messages are mapped alphabetically, just how they come up on the Organelle screen. The order might be different on your computer, but starting the patch name with numbers is a sure bet, and then it is easy to see what program it is. So folders like 01-Sampler, 02-Synth, and so on.

The default MIDI behavior can be changed in the mother.pd patch. This patch opens alongside the selected patch. It loads from internal filesystem, but you can force to load your own by placing it in the patches folder:


you can save as in Pd from the Organelle desktop, or also download it here.

thanks! that makes customizing Organelle’s MIDI behavior pretty straightforward.

you can always send 0 to midiInGate and/or midiOutGate to suppress MIDI input and output, and then handle MIDI entirely in your patch (this is covered in the manual).

Yes I saw that in the innards of the mother.pd patch. I do like the idea of changing patches with program change, though. I just need to make sure Organelle has its own MIDI channel.


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