Organelle not responding to program change messages

Hi everyone !
I’m a newbie here and I just bought an organelle.

My problem is that I can’t manage to change patches by sending PC to my organelle.
It seems to receive nothing at all but all other midi messages work fine.
I tried to copy the new mother.pd to my patch folder and set the program change object to one midi channel but every time I load a new patch the root version of mother.pd is loaded.

My organelle runs the OS3 and my usb-midi interface is the roland UM-ONE.
I tried to send PC with my MPC1000, the FCB 1010 and my nordstage2 and nothing happened.

Can anyone help me ?

(sorry if my english is not so good, I’m french…)

Ohhh, don’t worry about writing, perfectly clear; to the Program Change!

You have to simply create a “Favourites” list and this will be used to accept and respond accordingly to MIDI Program Change messages.

  • choose a patch and then go to Settings - Show Favourites -Add Current
    (this will create a file with the order, later you can change :wink:
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That looks obvious now… Thank you so much, it works perfectly fine !

Thanks for this advice, I was just having this same problem. :raised_hands: