Chopping Samples properly / Sampling?

Hello there,
so I am intending to use my own samples, mostly drum samples, for the respective patches, such as Sampler Style Delay.
A problem I encounter is that the sounds are clicking when I fire them off repeatedly and try to make a sequence with them.
It doesn’t really make a difference if the sample is still sustaining or not - it also happens while blending into another sample.

I cut my samples with ableton live and I am making sure to keep them short, like mostly around 1 second.

Any hints regarding the cut point where I should chop the sample? In ableton live or media player playback it doesn’t happen and ALSO it doesn’t happen with the house samples of C&G.
Also hints regarding volume / compression / fades are greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

Are you exporting as sample when you export out of ableton?
Have you tried using Audacity or Audition? i find the precision with those are a little crispier when making loops
In Pd/organelle i suggest you employ a Crown array/table to remove the clicks


crown_example.pd (63.5 KB)

here is an example setup for a crown

it is only an example.

I am exporting as WAV 44.1 16bit, there is no specific “export as sample” function.
I tried also Audacity, same problem.
But I also noticed that it happens with the C&G samples, e.g. those synth bassdrums in SamplerStyleDelay and also some sounds that have longer constant sustain. Maybe it is unavoidable when it comes to specific characteristics of sounds?

Wow, about the Crown I could use some elaboration.
I should employ them in the respective patches or do you mean a specific path with Pd/organelle?

Damn, I hoped to solve the problem w/o having to dive too deep in the Pd business… :wink:

C&G recently did a video tutorial on adding attack and decay to a synth. check that out. should be pretty simple to make that trigger whenever a sample is triggered to play. also - the sampler-voice.pd in this below solves the issue for sampler style.

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There are some examples that uses crown function in C&I patches.

Check out the Jeraphy patch, that one has got the crown function implemented.

wow, cool! Worked like a charm also for SamplerStyleDelay, just had to make “r knob4” to “r knob2”, as the decay knob is on 2 in this patch.
Having said that, I can still hear the clicking a little bit, mostly when I put the sample speed down.
Maybe @WyrdAl could shed some light on how to adjust that “quick decay to 0” a little bit more in order to get an even more drastic result?

its been a bit but think if you want to adjust the fadeout/fadin time of the sample you need to edit the message that looks like:
[0 2, 1 1 2, $2 $1 3]
The numbers basically are:
[0 offspeed, 1 onspeed offspeed, $2 $1 offspeed+onspeed ]

so if you wanted to make the sample fade out over 5 ms and fade back over 4 ms it’d be:
[0 5, 1 4 5, $2 $1 9 ]

You also need to change the delay in the 2 [delay 2] objects o the new offspeed (so [delay 5] for the example above).


Bookmarked cheers wyrdal!

because you took the easy way out and did not employ the “crown” :slight_smile: