Organelle patch to play samples with filter/effects?

Hi all, new to the Organelle here, definitely enjoying it so far. I’m starting to read up on PD and hope to tweak/write some patches, but at the moment I’m curious about a specific use. I’m interested in a patch that will let me drop a set of samples in (like 1.wav thru 24.wav) and play them, with a few effects such as a resonant filter, delay, etc. In playing with the existing patches available, I haven’t come across one quite like that and wanted to find out if there’s anything I’m missing that I could look at? I’ve loaded up my samples in the Beats & Pieces patch, which lets me play them just fine, but I’d like to be able to hold down a key to keep a sample looping, and then apply effects with the knobs.

I’d love to hear about anything that’s close to this that I might be able to try tweaking in PD. Thanks!