How can I get rid of clipping sounds on Sample Style Patch?

With the Sample Style Patch, there’s a clipping noise at the beginning of each sound. Depending on the sound it doesn’t really bother much but for other sounds it’s really a drag. What also seems strange is that sometimes the clipping is louder and sometimes quieter. But there’s no pattern to it, I can hit the same key several times with different strength, sometimes it will make the clipping sound, sometimes it won’t. At first I thought it might have to do something with my own sounds, so I made longer fade-in’s and decreased the volume, but no difference. When I checked back with the original patch and it’s original sounds, I found the same clipping (f.ex 3.wav, the bass sound), so it’s a problem with the patch.
How can I have a clip-free sound?
I apprechiate for your help.

Can you try dropping this version of the sampler-voice.pd sub patch into the Sampler Style patch folder? this one quickly fades out the previously playing sample before starting new one which I think was causing the click. I haven’t tried on Organelle, but seems better on my Mac.

sampler-voice.pd (3.9 KB)

Hi Oweno
Sorry for my late reply I was abroad. YES it’s better thank you so much!!!

hey owen!

i’m actually having the same problem as @Chindess. i dragged in the new sampler-voice but it didn’t solve the problem of clipping every time i hit a patch. right now i have to manually fade every patch in via logic but i’d ideally like to make samples in real time?