Cinematic Piano - Download

Hi guys:

I just recorded some piano samples, they have a bit of ambiental noise but they seem to work for cinematic / ambiental work.

The download link is this:

Have fun, and share music you do using it! :smile:

I want to add a reverb and improve the octave down and octave high options, any improvements are welcome

Buena vibra

Edit: It can now be downloaded as well from patchstorage:


MY DUDE! I was just asking for something like this. Thank you!

This looks great i’m looking fwd to trying it out…maybe I can help with effects or something soon, trying to find some time to do PD patches again


this sounds really awesome! Thank you so much.

This is so deep and the ambient noises make this patch even better. Love at first sound! :slight_smile:

Dude, that would be killer! Please! By the way, I’m a fan of your patches, many thanks for sharing so much awesomeness.

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appreciate it, always glad to hear someone is using my patches :smile:
Some of the LADSPA effects Shreeswifty is porting over on are insane, and the effects on the Organelle are about to reach high level VST / boutique pedal level even more


hi! I’m a massive user of your cinematic piano patch, thanks a lot for that.
I have a question: I’m experiencing annoying click/pop when I hit certain notes (it seems something relate to a quick attack on playing the note sample), is there a way to fix it?

I could try to edit every single note sample smoothing the attack, but I thought to ask you if there’s another way to solve this.

I know this is an old thread but I gave it a shot anyway :slight_smile:

thanks in advance!

Hi Vrcvs, I’m glad it’s useful for you! I have no issue with that click, but I remember It was an issue with long samples.

This cinematic piano patch is loading my samples, but I just substitute the samples of another C&G patch. I can’t come up with which one was…

haven’t try, but it might be a “bug” fixed in newer versions of the patch (they’ve fixed the midi and a lot of things… just use a C&G patch that work with samples and replace the audio files, may work…

I’m updating to V4.0, will do what I’m suggesting after that. :slight_smile:


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Hi chkbeto! thanks for replying, I tried a few solution (also the one you suggested) with no luck: the super annoying click remains :frowning:
I tried to switch samples using the samples style delay patch, I tried to edit single notes samples on logic, fading in and out a bit and I also tried to overwrite the sample-voice.pd file with one I found here in the forum that was supposed to fix this similar issue in the lofi piano patch. unfortunately none of these operations fixed the issue.
I also tried to understand which were the differences in the two sample-voice.pd file, so to modify the parameters copying from the “right” file to the “clicky one”, but I’m so ignorant in programming and in pd in general that I’m not able even to do that :slight_smile:

If you find out some solution I can still try to achieve please let me know,
thank you very much in advance!

Old post but might help. Seems someone got a solution for something like that: New patch: Rhodes49 - Download

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yep, I already saw it and tried to change the sampler-voice.pd file with the one attached in the post you linked but it doesn’t work. if I swap the files and install the patch, it happens that the sample play is linked to the delay feedback, so you can hear the note only if you crank the delay feedback parameter up and consequently (obviously) the delay feedback. basically you can hear something only with a huge delay feedback on it. while the decay knob doesn’t seem to affect the sound in any way.

I was also hoping in someone’s correction in the sampler-voice.pd file, as you asked in the thread, but nobody replied yet, unfortunately.

thanks a lot man, you’re super helpful even if we haven’t figured out a proper fix yet :slight_smile:

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for putting this patch together. I used it pretty heavily in a feature demo I did for a Horrothia FX.Horrothia FX Type One

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I just watched it, beautiful scenery and relaxed ambients, great job! Glad you liked it, it’s also one of my favorites, recently used it in this jam.