Code to make notes a Toggle

I’m looking for an elegant way to make the note messages which are momentary bangs into toggles?
i just have not done it yet, surely this is in an example somewhere?

Thank you

Sometimes I just use the toggle GUI object where a bang just flips it. The note messages are just midi pairs, so you can use the [stripnote] to pass only the key press and not the release, then use [sel] with whatever key number you want to toggle.

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that’s much more elegant than the spigot way i did it, this

I need to know a few things that will really open up the next patch.

1.) how do you get the knobs to be on seperate pages? i tried to copy the code for the two page pd-grids example but i can’t seem to get the pages to stay separate

2.) code for the little red recording light to go on while sampling

The LED is easy, you can just send a number 0 - 7 to [s led]. 0 is off, 1 is red, 2 is yellow and so on.

For the knobs, there isn’t a standard way to page them, so checking out how other patches handle this is the right move.

do i have to/can i compile source with the Organelle?
I have some source that are pre-compiled and the wrong ELF type

Hey I am back here
It seems like the notes and the aux button are even more sensitive and they do not clack, is this why there is the aux + menu thing?

My challenge is that often i use aux to turn patches on off but my former trick of taking press from aux/fs etc… and send both a toggle and a bang to a spigot and then to a toggle used to work but no longer – it seems that all i get is very very momentary behavior. is there a work around for this?

so weird.
just a simple r-aux -----sel 1 and it works…i have this problem with over complicating things sometimes, anyway. it helped me get familiar with a few things

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actually i had to view a few C&G patches to see what the trick was

[sel 1]
[delay 100]

hmm, interesting - I wonder if there is a slight difference in ‘debounce’ behaviour…
this would materialise as seeing a bit of ‘noise’ on r-aux.

though, id have not thought a del 100, would not help this.

it be interesting to keep an eye out for these kind of anomalies, so we can try to see if can keep the organelle-1 and organelle-m compatible.
(i.e. we don’t want to start making m and 1 patches different/incompatible for such minutiae)

i think the delay-100 is a little more elegant but i know what you mean.

I am a little confused by the purpose of the [delay 100], which patch did it come from? it might have been more of a speed limit thing than debounce.

The keys for Organelle 1 and M are both debounced before they get to the patch, so you really shouldn’t see any on/off noise unless you press a key very lightly and ‘hover’ between on and off. (or if you have an old Organelle 1 with the keyboard problem, but that is a known hardware issue with a fix)