Change Octaves on Midi-Out (updated with midi sequencer)

Hi, just wanted to use Organelle as a Midi-Keyboard but i need to
sent lower Octaves out to a Midi device. Can i change the octaves
notes which Organelle sends out via Midi with the right patch?


You could try something like this:


You basically add an octave offset for the keyboard.


Thanks! Why i have to work… i need to try this asap!

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Well it basically works but some how Organelle sends the “real” note played on the keyboard with as well. The result is that you hear the “real” note first and after key release the octave lower note is played. i hope this makes sense.

My final intension is to build up a versatile Midi-sequencer on the organelle, but for this i need to control all the octaves.


The above patch, if someone likes to mess around or check out the behaviour of the notes played.

Ill check it out in an hour or two and see what i can make of it.

I am thinking it might be because that the octave switch need to be updated ONLY on note on.

Ill check the patch and get back to you :slight_smile:

Ah yeah, you need to unpack the note information. Right now you are sending note pitch as well as velocity to the pitch out. I think that is what causes that behaviour. Try this this to unpack pitch and velocity:


I think that should work. I didnt test it with a hardware synth, but as far as I can see now the “note off weirdness” is gone :slight_smile:

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The Organelle always sends keypresses as notes unless you tell it to stop. To suppress the default MIDI output behavior, send a 0 to midiOutGate:

[s midiOutGate]
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Thanks Guys!
@oweno : I thought that much that the Organelle always sends keypresses out, but my knowledge is quite limited in both, pd and Organelle hardware.

@Jaffasplaffa : unpack is for sure a good idea anyways :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to figure out the same thing for a while now.
Has anyone built a simple “midi controller” patch that they would be willing to share?
I’ve actually grown quite fond of the little keyboard on the Organelle :wink:

I really want to integrate it with my Octatrack more…
That way I could have access to the full 2 octaves (from the Organelle) for triggering samples etc…
instead of the single row of buttons (from the Octatrack).
However, the midi root note from the organelle is 1 full octave too low :frowning:

Any thoughts or patches would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Midi Octave (1.6 KB)

Here’s the Midi Octave Changer
Knob 1: Velocity
Knob 4: Octaves

@TechTax hope this helps. I’ll go for the midi sequencer with octaves change ability now.

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That’s perfect @ringhof
Thank you so much :wink:

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Here’s my MIDI sequencer with the Octave changer (-2 to +2) as well as the Velocity Knob. It is based on the “stepmother” sequencer but the recorded sequence can be speed adjusted (0% to 200%) and features a MIDI clock out.

Knob 1: Octave
Knob 2: Velocity
Knob 3: BPM adjustment (assuming a 4/4 beat)
Knob 4: Channel Fader (Audio through)
Aux: Start, Stop, Record Sequence



Is it possible to add a knob to change the midi out channel? I tried to add it myself but I wasn’t able to successfully change the channel. Not sure if its just a limitation of the organelle or if my lack of pure data knowledge.

That functionality is accessible from the main system menu. Use the rotary encoder on the main menu to find the option.

Is it possible to change the midi out without leaving the patch? It would be nice to change channels without having to access the main system menu.

yes, there in pd just do
[integer] → [s midiCh]

(just to be clear, the mother host in no way filters midi etc, all midi messages go to PD, and then mother.pd filters, so the above is simply telling mother.pd which channel to use)

also we should be clear this channel selection only affects the midi to organelle generated mapping e.g. midi note → organelle ‘key’
there is nothing stopping you using PD midi objects which will ignore the ‘selected midi channel’ (unless you want to filter them) … this for example could be used if your patch wanted to be used on multiple channels. e.g. from different controllers.

Knob 4 could be “change midi channel”. The “audio through fader” i implemented at the moment is mere a proof of concept for a different GUI display.

Thanks for clearing that up for me… Cheers.

as soon as possilbe :slight_smile: