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This is where I am going to post my future patches. Going to try and keep all the patches in ONE single thread, just to keep it this forum a bit tidier and to make it easier to find patches.

New patch: 24 toggles

This is a fairly simple utility patch, that turns the 24 keys into 24 toggles switches, that can be used to turn things on/off.

As it is set up for now, when you push one of the keys you will see the status of the selected key in line 5 of the display. It is pretty easy to edit names of each key to what you need. it works well with the o-knob system and how that handles the display. I do plan to implement a preset system for the toggles later on.

24toggles.zip (55.8 KB)


This is a really great utility! Good idea. I wonder if instead of just a notification on line 5, we could have like an updating ASCII graphic that displayed all the toggle information at once.

Thanks for posting this! looks cool!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have also thought about that and also tried the other night for an hour an didnt have succes with it. But I do plan to make this work. Maybe have a separate page for all the toggles? That would make it easier to make I think, than from my first approach. First approach I tried the other night, I was working on getting 4 of the button to be visible on line 5. But it wasnt really that great. I think making an extra page for it is probably a much better idea cause then the system used for the other pages can probably be used if update a bit.

But stupid as I am, I think I l deleted that first try I made earlier today. Is there a trash can on Organelle I could look for the patch? I am using a monitor that is not really good for organelle. I can only see a part of the screen, not everything.

Get this on patchstorage! V cool :slight_smile:

New patch: Expanded o-knob preset system

You get 12 pages in all. This version do not use the keyboard as keys but rather as selectors and toggle switches. All in al you have access to 10X4 knob, plus 12 toggles switches, 52 parameters in all. And they are all accessable when only on click on one of they keys on the keyboard. Here is explanation:

How to select page:
In this system the keyboard is not used as keyboard it is split up in 2 sections, by the 2 octaves. The second octave, right side of keyboard, is used to select the pages 1-12. To select page 1, push first key in second octave, to select page 2, push second key in second octave and so on…

The pages:
The first 10 pages are freely assignable knobs. You got 4 knob on each page as usual. Just push the page you want to display(on second octave of the keyboard) and dial away. These knobs has soft take over.

Page 11 is the left side of the keyboard. The 12 first keys are converted into toggle switches and they are fully implemented into the o-knob system. Which means you also have presets for the 12 toggle buttons. As it is now you HAVE to select page 11 to edit the toggles, also to see their state. But I do plan to change that, so you can turn the toggle on/off, no matter what page you are on. The toggles dont have soft take over since I think it works better with out. For the toggle there are some new reserved names. See them in the @pd RESERVED NAMES@ object.

Page 12 is where you handle the presets. You can select load and save presets as you want.

Se further description in the patch.

o-knob Jaffasplaffa.zip (22.6 KB)

@wo3 In this patch I got all the 12 toggles gathered on a single page, as you mentioned.


Waves imaginary money up in the air for someone to create a polybeats monster patch


Spiffy. 12 pages is a blessing …and a curse :slight_smile:

Yes true. it is many pages. BUt it is easy to access them, you dont have to push the aux button many times to get to each. You only have to push 1 button go get access to each page.

I also have one with 7 pages, I can wrap that one up too.

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I’ll give it a go to get used to it this week, thanks for this hard work

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But to be honest I am not 100% happy with the load mechanism yet.

As it is now, you have to dial the knob all the way to the left and then to the right to load a preset. I would prefer only touching the knob to change preset. I am thinking thank I need to look into a patch with a scratch(dj–scratch) function and grab the function from there.

I am not 100% sure what polybeats means. Could you clarify that a little bit? Like a polyphonic drum sampler/player with multiple drums?


If you haven’t tried the c&g patch called ‘Pow Pow’s Polybeats’ then get to organelle.io and give it a go. Each button enters a different wav into a 16/32 step grid that is constantly cycling and can be locked to midi clock. You choose a time division by which each wav will loop (e.g. kick at every 4 beats, snare every 16, hh every 3). When you hit the toggle the new entry snaps into the nearest step on the sequencer. There are a few variants on there and patch storage. It is brilliant. You can very quickly and easily create complex polyrhythms with whatever samples you have lying around. You could retain the main page the patch uses but it would be really cool if each kit component ‘kick, snare, rim, tom, open hh, closed hh etc’ had its own audio channel and its own page for effect controls like reverb/reverse/pitch. Each kit component could have it’s own folder too, with a choice of several wavs to choose between for each channel. Of course its all well and good saying this, it’s another thing being bothered to put the time and effort in to learn PD and make things. I’m a naturally ADD type of personality so wishing is all I do. When i start trying to learn pd, it takes about 30 minutes before i have to just walk back to my organelle and makes some bleeps. Imagine, though!

Edit: Never congratulated you on this 12 Page thingy. Thanks, looks brilliant and looking forward to seeing what people do with it!


Sounds awesome. Have been playing around with that one, its pretty nice :slight_smile:

But not sure it is something I ll get a round to in the nearest future.

Yeah it can be pretty daunting at times I agree :slight_smile: I have been using Nord G2, Axoloti for a few years before I started with PD. Axoloti has got a lot more visual user interface, which made it easier for me to learn. But object wise and so on Axoloti has got a lof of things in common with PD, so the transfer was easy for me. I actually just started with PD a couple of month back.

But if you really really want to learn it, there are many good tutorials that shows you everything form the most basic stuff to insanely complicated stuff. : would start with Dr. hernandez tutorials on YT. They are super basic and shows you a lot of important stuff. Drop me a PM if you can’t find any, I can dug some out.

Thanks. I am not 100% happy with it yet. There are some things that makes it a bit clunky. Still thinkin of better ways of doing it.

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PD looks really nice and learning to make things with it is somewhere in the back of my mind as something i want to do but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.


are you involved in the gemmalib project?
BTW folks here’s a .pd_darwin which may help testing this on MACmux.pd_darwin.zip (5.2 KB)

Hey Shree!

No I am not involved in that project. But ill check it out :slight_smile:

Ah yes, I made the system directly on the Organelle and have only tested it there. Thanks again.

Hey :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share a simple 6 voice polyphonic karplus strong patch.

You can also play the patch from an external midi keyboard and the 4 parameters are assigned to the standard midi cc 21-24.

Karplus Strong.zip (9.2 KB)


Ohhh! Will have to check that!
Thanks for sharing!

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