Companion iOS (& Android) apps

New to the Organelle as well as to the forum here. While playing around with many of the built in patches I was wondering if anyone uses any apps alongside their Organelle and if so how they accomplish using them together.

Personally I own a Volca Sample which has a very simple companion app called AudioPocket to store and transfer samples (You can also just use the stock voice memo app). Seeing how some of these patches require samples it got me thinking that I could maybe use AudioPocket to store samples portably. You would just connect an audio cable from you iOS device and plug it into the line input of the Organelle. From that point you can organize and audition many samples stored in AudioPocket. Once you find something you like you can record a copy of that sample directly from the Organelle. Personally I find this to be most helpful when you’re sketching out a project and you haven’t really decided on what samples you’ll be using. It beats ejecting the USB to import samples via a computer in my opinion.

Anyone else have any apps they find makes the workflow on the Organelle easier or more interesting?

This is not exactly what you were asking about, but you can preview samples and upload new samples using WiFi:

And remember, you can make copies of patches using web file manager (also in video) or the Save New command. Multiple instances of patches is a way of having different sample banks to choose from/try out.

Neat will definitely have to try that out.