Few questions about Organelle


Really looking forward to buy an Organelle. I have read all the manual and it seems such an inspirational instrument and I also think it would be a great complement to my Octatrack. I just want to understand a few things:

  1. If I have imported ( or recorded ) my own audio samples into Organelle and attached MIDI keyboard,
    how many octaves can I play?

  2. Can I play imported samples in polyphonic mode ?

  3. If I have made several “sampler instruments” with my own sounds, can I sort them
    in a separate category for easy access when playing live? Basically - can I make “favourites” folder?

  4. Is it possible to sync Organelle with some external gear (Octatrack, for example) via USB hub?
    I suppose it can get relevant if the USB slots get busy - one slot for USB drive, the second one for MIDI keyboard, third one for hub.

  5. And the last one - do I have to learn PD a lot to make those upper mentioned things happen?

Thank you!

The organelle hardware will not prevent you from having any of the above, but you’ll need a Pd patch to make it happen.

  1. patch dependent: possible range = all MIDI notes
  2. patch dependent: yes
  3. either patch dependent or you could you use the organelle’s encoder/patch loader to switch instruments
  4. patch dependent, but also requires a usb to midi DIN adapter cable (use midirealtimein object for example: http://little-scale.blogspot.ca/2013/03/dealing-with-midi-clock-in-pd-sync-pd.html)
  5. Learning Pd is fun!

I found these videos useful when I got started: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL12DC9A161D8DC5DC

This excerpt from Andy Farnell’s book is also quite good: http://aspress.co.uk/ds/pdf/pd_intro.pdf

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Thanks @spoitras for those links!

and thanks @organellist for checking out the Organelle! Most of the things you want to do may be accomplished with one of the sampler patches that we provide. ‘Nori Sampler’ plays a single sample (6 voice polyphony) and ‘Sampler Style’ plays 24 different samples (1 each key, 24 voice polyphony). You can customize these patches by adding your own sounds, and then make multiple copies of the patch, each one having different sounds.

of course knowing Pd will open a much larger world of possibility!

oh snap!
no doubt it’s fun and I’m sure I will learn Pd sometime in the future, but unfortunately I don’t have a time at this moment in my life to dive in to the new dataflow language.

actually, I’m even ready to pay someone who can make patches for those mentioned things, haha. anyone? :slight_smile:

thank you for the tips!

so is it possible with Nori Sampler to play pad sounds? 6 voices seems enough for me!
can I make multiple copies of the patches inside of Organelle or do I have to make those in Pd?

If you can systematically define your requirements with detail use-cases and tell me exactly what each knobs and buttons will do in different machine states, I wouldn’t mind patching something up for you. Depending on the complexity and the time required (or how long you’re willing to wait) and assuming you’re willing to share the patch with everyone I don’t think I’d charge you anything for this.


I like your style @spoitras

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