Control rate lfo

anyone have a good example of a control rate lfo?

I want something low cpu, so not based off audio rate objects e.g using [osc~] -> [snapshot~]

Im assuming I can do it by driving with a [metro] at an appropriate rate
then for triangle and ramp lfos using [line] and sine using [sin]

I’m sure I could work it out (which I’ll do if no-one has a easy solution)
but Im equally sure its out there already…

I also don’t want anything thats not vanilla pd, or too complex - Im picky aren’t I :slight_smile:

For a simple control rate sine lfo, this works.

I made this a while ago and then concluded that it is probably better to make the waveforms in a table.

But try it out :slight_smile:


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I think your right - I’m better off generating the waveforms (probably as the user selects them) at a given resolution, then just running a phasor over it… (probably line)
that way I can also do any maths I want whist during the generation stage…

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There is also a line control rate lfo here. I have not tested it, but saved the link to check it out later:

You can try something like this if you want to send a bang at any time to get the current value of a phasor:
If you are always going to be running it on a metro you can get rid of the timer and just send the period of the metro with every bang.

Then you could use [sin] or an equation/look-up table to generate any LFO shape.


thanks @Jaffasplaffa & @WyrdAl

so I went for a table approach using sinesum, as Im happy with approximations, it’ll give it character :slight_smile:

pretty straightforward and hopefully pretty low cpu (tabread should be cheap),
also its pretty easy to add user defined waves if we want.

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Cool. Happy to hear you got something going.

Was actually wondering how to approach different waveshapes at control rate.

Sinesum it is :slight_smile: