Pygame Oscillator


I just got this idea about the potential to program an oscillator with Pygame, then assign it to a function to oscillate a different knob. Imagine the potential to set, for example to knob 3 to knob 4 and control the speed of going back and forth through the color options. Just an idea but I think it has potential. Any thoughts on whether this would be a good idea or how to code something like this ?


I’m not sure if I understand exactly but this patch might have the functionality you’re looking to create, but on the organelle using pure data.

Might be useful for thinking about the logic of how this would work.

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Yes! Something like this would be perfect. I’ve never looked at the code for the Organelle, but will definitely help point me in the right direction. Thanks for the help! Cheers!

Yes this is possible within the python code. There are few modes that include an LFO function (ex: Perspective Lines LFO). You could use this function to control color and assign a knob to control LFO rate. For example, the Classic Horizontal mode uses a sine function to control color changes. You could modify this to use the LFO instead.

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Ahhh!! Yeah this perfect! I’m going to code a few things when I get home. Got some ideas for a couple of modes. Thanks for the help!!