Synced LFO for Orac?

I’m having so much fun applying the LFO to various things in Orac! Especially the number of steps in Pink Mode to create varying patterns. I was wondering if there’s a version of the LFO that can be synced to do time divisions instead of ms? If not, how hard would it be for someone with 0 PD knowledge to adapt the original?

Really enjoying getting the chance to learn about this machine & all it’s capable of!


I’m also someone with no experience of PD, I think this is possible as I’ve seen that function in another module.

I’m going to have a look for another patch I’ve used which has divisions, 16th, 8th, 4th, etc and then ms timing on the second half of the dial.

Then I’ll take a look at how to integrate it. Might be a fun project.

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The ‘Tremelo sync’ module could be a good one to use for clues, it’s on patchstorage i think.


Nice! I had a look at the pd file this morning and compared it to the TremeloSync patch as @Wannop suggested but I’m still stumped tbh, I think I need to learn the extreme basics of what means what first :sweat_smile:
Let me know how you get on, I’d love to see them side by side to see what actually worked in the end!

well… I’ve managed to get it to show the rate & divisions… even got the aux light to flash in time with the BPM!
but now it doesn’t mod learn so it’s pretty useless! :sweat_smile:
I’m sure i’ve done something terribly wrong that’s butchered the original.

hmm… It also only shows the time divisions when the module is placed on the a,b or c groups. When I put it in the m group (F# for example) the light doesn’t flash & the time divisions don’t show

The flashing aux light also doesn’t flash in time with the tempo… of course :see_no_evil: halp.