Creating a new mode in the EYESY Editor

Hello! I’m booting up my EYESY for the first time and I intend to get straight into script writing!

I’m having a bit of trouble with something very basic - creating files. I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but I don’t see a straightforward way for creating files in the editor. So far, I’ve created a folder and then copy and pasted a file from another project and wiped it clean.

Is this the standard way of doing things? Or is it recommended to develop modes in isolation and then upload them when ready to test and integrate it with the hardware?

Edit: Might as well throw a few more questions in here. Is the editor under active development / open source? I see it on Github here. I’d love to add in some key commands for save and reload script.

Thanks in advance!


I’ve been doing the same , new folder - copy, paste

I’ve tended to be editing modes on the eyesy, but sometimes I edit on my mac…
(just because I like to use my favourite code editor)

as you say eyesy_os is on github, so you could make changes and the offer up as a pull request - I’ve done this in the past with the Organelle.

If you going to make bigger changes, probably worth shooting @chrisk / @oweno a PM, to discuss e.g. check its a direction they want to go in, and they aren’t doing something on ‘in the background’

Glad to hear you are working on writing modes!

Yes, copying and pasting is really the only way to make a file right now in the web editor.

The web editor is open source, so any additions welcome. Keyboard controls would be cool.

There are some things I’ve been thinking of for the next update:

  • ‘spinoff’ button to create a new mode from an existing one (essentially save as, but makes a folder and everything)
  • maybe a button to create a new blank mode
  • a button to run the mode you are currently editing (annoyingly you have to navigate to whatever mode you are working using the EYESY iteslf)
  • the ‘Save’ button should also trigger the mode to reload

Probably some other stuff. Not working on it right now, but will probably start when we are closer to the next (first) EYESY update.


Awesome - thanks both of you for the insight!! If I have some time this weekend I’ll take a stab at adding a few things and create a PR.

Hi @oweno - I made modifications to the relevant web JS file, but I’d like to test on the actual device. I’m new to RPi (or this slightly more granular / OS modification stuff in general) so apologies if these are basic questions. I tried ejecting the card and pulling it up on my Mac, but I’m not seeing the relevant OS files - seems like it’s just system files. I’ve tried sshing into eyesy.local but obviously don’t know the password. Any recommendations? Thanks!

SSH is the way to go… swapping the SD card in and out would be a drag (and the Mac can’t read the partitions anyway, only the boot partition which is what you were probably seeing).

You want to use music@eyesy.local, and the password is also music. The files are located at /home/music/EYESY_OS.


yep that worked - thanks!!

Created a small PR to add key commands for saving & save + reloading. Nice way to get my feet wet. I’ll see if I can add some of that other functionality you mentioned @oweno.

Thanks for the help getting things setup. I had to disable read only mode on the disk, but once I did that I was able to remote in with VS Code on my laptop with the Eyesy connected to a monitor. A nice lil development experience for sure.


Thanks for that! I just merged it. Forgot to mention about the read only disk but looks like you figured it out.

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Hi, I’d like to know how to disable read-only mode please! I made a separate post so people can find it in search more easily

I really want to make some new modes too…