Uploading to EYESY Through SSH: Read-only?

Hi, I’m taking my first steps into modifying the EYESY system and need a little help please!

I’ve modified some files and would like to upload them to EYESY through ssh (on Mac Terminal), but the system is read-only - how do I get write access?

scp eyesy.pd music@eyesy.local:EYESY_OS/pd/eyesy.pd
music@eyesy.local's password: music
scp: EYESY_OS/pd/eyesy.pd: Read-only file system


There are two disk partitions on the EYESY. The root file system is read only. The partition with the modes, images, and settings is mounted at /sdcard and is read write. For writing or editing modes you will be editing files in the /sdcard partition, so you don’t need to do anything. If you need to change lower level stuff on the root filesystem you can SSH in and do this to flip it to read/write mode:

sudo mount / -o remount,rw
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Thanks for the reply. That line did the trick!

To clarify, I’m adding a shift option to disable mode saving, so yes I’m changing the lower level stuff :slight_smile: