What editor do you use?

I purchased an eyesy a few months ago and want to really dive into actually making the patches. I have a comment somewhere about having worked on a way to test files in vscode, but there are some problems with it to get it to work with other patches. How do you guys like to edit your code for this? Do you do it straight from the web editor? Does it feature things like auto completion? I’m looking for an efficient way to make patches and test them.


would be great to see some tutorial for that. I’ve only used the web editor so far and as I’m not a coder, most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing. I would love to learn a workflow that would load in a patch from the online repository, learn how it works, tweak a parameter or two and save it into the device or to my favoured catalog.

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I have an ETC, but I think the Web-Editor is the same as in the EYESY.

I used various editors (I come from vi / vim) and even some IDEs. But in the end the most important aspect for me is to be able to see my changes immediately. And this is possible only with the Web-Editor. And the Web-Editor is not that bad.
(ok, if you setup an EYESY system on a Linux computer, you will have this feature also with other editors).

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I have been using the emulator linked below.

A tool that runs EYESY modes without hardware - EYESY - Critter & Guitari (critterandguitari.com)

This with VScode has been waaaaaaaay better for development.

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thanks, going to give this a try

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I made this mode with just the editor and it was pretty tedious. I’m working on a new one that’s more complex though and honestly, could not imagine doing this in the web editor interface on hardware. Emulator is 1000% better.

Phyllotaxis | Patchstorage

The only issue im running into is some compatibility issues that I bring up in this post.

Script Works locally in Emulator but not on Hardware - EYESY - Critter & Guitari (critterandguitari.com)