Creating a sampler

I’m super new, have no programming experience and just received my organelle. I’m interested in sampling the many various instruments I have and had initial success loading my own sounds into samplers already provided by the organelle and this great community.

To get my toes wet in PD I want to design my own sampler to play my sounds which uses the 4 knobs such as: 1. knob for sample speed, 2. for sample volume, 3 for decay and 4 that is a basic filter sweep such as a nice low filter sound.

I assume I’ll find, cut and past the code for the first three knobs within other patches that have sample speed, volume, decay and use them in the sampler I’m creating. My question is can anyone recommend a nice one knob filter that has already been created to round out my fourth knob?

Any suggestions would be great!

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I LOVE the filter from the C&G Analog Style patch.

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The Jeraphy patch has a filter like you’re talking about

Thanks for the recommendations. Here I go to try and figure out how to combine all the prices!