Creating Drum Kits from Samples

Hi All,

Total Noob alert.

I just got the organelle and right out of the box this thing is so sick. I was originally looking for a sampler style drum machine to hang off my Squarp Pyramid but it looks like this will do what I need to do. I was wondering what the best way to load my own drum samples would be? The samples will be preedited.

Also, if I did want to start sampling my own drums, how would I edit the wave on the box to get the drums tight?

Any advice would be great.

Thank you.



all you need to do is open the folder sampler style and take out their 1.wav - 24.wav and replace them with your own wav’s labeled the same way. make sure to keep in all the other stuff other than the wav’s. hope this helps

@editech Here’s a video that covers loading your own samples on the Organelle:

Wow, that’s super easy. Now what about sampling on the unit, can you edit
and fine tune the wav or is it best to do this in other editing software
like sound forge and reload them back on the card?

It’s probably best to edit on another device and save the samples to the Organelle’s USB drive.

Dope. Now one more question (I swear), is there a guide on how to create
patches in the GUI?

There are examples and tutorials built into Pure Data. It is accessible from Help menu (then select Browser):

For more info visit:

Is the organelle restricted to saples to max 2 sec or are there patches out where you can put in samples longer than that?

How does one set the receive midi channel? I am using a sequencer to
control it, but noticed the organelle is responding to all midi channels.
Is there a menu i am missing that i can change the channel from all to a
single channel?